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Introducing the Rhodes Scholarship 2024: Empowering International Scholars at Oxford

The Rhodes Scholarship 2024 offers talented young people from around the globe the chance to pursue fully-funded, full-time postgraduate studies at the prestigious University of Oxford. While the application process is unquestionably difficult, it has been a transformative experience for generations of aspiring scholars, enabling them to achieve remarkable success. As the Rhodes Scholarship believe in cultivating talent from diverse backgrounds, The Rhodes Scholarship 2024 actively solicit applications from exceptional pupils from around the world.

What is covered by the Rhodes Scholarship 2024?

The Rhodes Scholarship 2024 encompasses various forms of financial assistance to assure its recipients’ academic success. Notably, it covers all Oxford University course fees, alleviating students of this financial burden. Additionally, each scholar receives a hefty annual honorarium. For the previous academic year, the stipend was £18,180 per year (£1,515 per month), which will be used to fund living expenses, including housing. Notably, the stipend is intended solely for the scholar and does not extend to companions or dependents.


The selected course of study determines the scholarship’s precise coverage and duration. For example, scholars pursuing a DPhil (PhD) at Oxford can receive up to three years of fees and stipend support. The exhaustive Conditions of Tenure document outlines the specific combinations of degrees and years of study that qualify for the scholarship.

In addition, the Rhodes Trust pays the University of Oxford application fee for recipients of the Rhodes Scholarship. It also covers the cost of procuring a student visa and the International Health Surcharge (IHS), which grants international students access to the National Health Service in the United Kingdom. In addition, scholars are provided with two economy-class flights to and from the United Kingdom at the beginning and conclusion of their Oxford studies.

Rhodes Scholars receive a settling-in allowance upon arrival in Oxford, easing their transition into their academic journey. For scholars who pursue a second course of study at Oxford, the Rhodes Trust covers the costs associated with visa renewal and subsequent IHS applications.

History of the Rhodes Scholarship at Oxford University

The Rhodes Scholarship, which was established in 1902 by the forward-thinking Will of Cecil John Rhodes, remains a testament to its founder’s progressive ideals. Today, after more than a century, the Rhodes Scholarships are the oldest and most prestigious international scholarship program in the world. This prestigious program enables exceptional young people from diverse backgrounds to pursue full-time postgraduate study at the University of Oxford, which holds the top position in international education according to the Times Higher Education rankings for 2017 and 2018.


One of the original goals of the Rhodes Scholarship was to identify future global leaders and bring them together at Oxford to cultivate mutual understanding and friendship for the betterment of humanity. While our reputation as the most prestigious academic scholarship in the world is based on the accomplishments of our scholars, it is essential to note that it is not based on the controversial life of our founder, Cecil Rhodes. The extraordinary contributions made by our scholars to various fields and the enduring qualities we seek in Rhodes Scholars—intellectual excellence combined with compassion for others, leadership acumen, and a commitment to public service—continue to captivate and inspire, just as they did more than a century ago.

The Rhodes Scholarship 2024

Host Country: United Kingdom

Host University: University of Oxford

Host Organisation: Rhodes Trust

Course Level: Postgraduate Courses (Masters/MPhil and PhD)

Fields of Study:

A diverse range of courses is covered by the Rhodes scholarship offered at the postgraduate level by the University of Oxford. It is crucial to consider key factors when selecting the appropriate course for your academic journey at Oxford University.

Number of Rhodes UK Scholarships:

103 fully-funded scholarships available for international students in the United Kingdom.

Join other Scholars in pursuing the Rhodes Scholarship for 2024 in the United Kingdom, granting you the opportunity to undertake advanced studies at the esteemed University of Oxford.

The Selection Criteria for the Rhodes Scholarship 2024:

Eligibility Requirements for the Rhodes Scholarship:

The following nations are eligible to apply for Rhodes Scholarships 2024.
Applicants must possess an exceptional academic reputation.
The eligibility requirements for the Rhodes scholarship differ from country to country. Find if your country is eligible for the Rhodes Scholarship 2024 here.

Note that If your nationality is not listed, you are ineligible to apply for Rhodes Scholarships for Master’s students in the United Kingdom. Please visit ‘Rhodes Global Scholarship UK’ for information on Global Scholarships and cross-jurisdictional opportunities.

Criteria for Selection for the Rhodes Scholarship:


Literary and academic accomplishments: displaying academic excellence and accomplishments.
Energy to maximize the utilization of talents: Demonstrating mastery in areas such as sports, music, debate, dance, theater, and artistic endeavors, particularly when collaboration is involved.
Sincerity, valor, a sense of duty, compassion, benevolence, altruism, and camaraderie: these are the defining characteristics of a true friend. Demonstrating moral character and a dedication to protecting the vulnerable, as well as compassion and camaraderie.
Moral fortitude of character and leadership instincts: displaying leadership qualities, taking an interest in others, and having the ability to inspire and direct.
The specific eligibility requirements may differ marginally based on the constituency for which you are applying. You can use our eligibility verifier to determine if you are eligible to apply for the Scholarship and meet the requirements.

The Rhodes Scholarship encourage applications from talented individuals from diverse backgrounds, as diversity is valued. No consideration is given to gender, gender identity, marital status, sexual orientation, ethnicity, ethnic origin, color, religion, social background, caste, or disability during the selection process.

The Rhodes Scholarship seek young people who exemplify exceptional intelligence, character, leadership, and dedication to service.

Join our flourishing community of Rhodes Scholars, where diversity is celebrated, excellence is fostered, and contributions to society that have a significant impact are valued.


How to Apply for the 2024 Rhodes Scholarship?

The eligibility requirements for the Rhodes Scholarship vary by country. The application process for Rhodes scholarships in 2024 varies from country to country. Visit the website and choose your country or region before beginning your application.

Before beginning your application, you should review the application instructions and online resources available on the official Rhodes Scholarships website.

Application Deadline for the Rhodes Scholarship 2024:

  • deadline varies from one country to another.  Check information regarding your country to determine the application deadline.

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